Payment Guidelines

We are currently offering only a payment method: PayPal

There are two options that you can choose: Pay by PayPal or pay by Debit or Credit Card.


1. Pay by PayPal account:

It will show a new page as below:


Then you need to fill in PayPal account information that they required: email address, password and follow steps to make payment.

2. Pay by Debit or Credit Card.

In case of not having a Paypal account, you will choose Pay with Debit or Credit Card and it will be directed to the page as below.


After that, you need to provide some information relating to your card to process the payment:

    Credit/Debit Card information: Card number, Expiry date, Security number CSC, CVV or CVC (usually on the back of the card), First and Last name of the card owner
    Billing address: Address, City/ Province, State, Country, and ZIP code

Finally, you have the option to open a Paypal account. You can also choose No, I don't want an account now if you do not want a Paypal account. Press continue to process your payment.



When your transaction has already proceeded successfully, you will see the confirmation page and also receive a confirmation email after the payment has been validated and accepted.

In case of transaction failure, the decline page will be shown, suggesting the possible reasons for the failure.

If you have any questions regarding payment method, please contact us via


Please notice that:

The fee you pay for us is the fee used to process visa application and service fee. See the Visa fee for further details.

We always support you 24/7 because saving your time & money is our first priority.



Please do not hesitate to contact us via chat box, email or hotline for any assistance, we always beside you 24/7/365.

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